Ice-cream Headaches Is a Creative Project You Should Support!

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Ice-cream Headaches first came to my attention when I was approached by both Ed Thompson an Julien Roubinet about interviewing and photographing me, Tyler Breuer for their book on NY surfing. At first I thought, "Oh boy... Another NY Surfing project..." It wasn't until after meeting and spending some time with both Ed and Julien that I realized the depth of their project. Ed, is a wonderful writer and interviewer. He really knows what questions to ask and is not intimidated when he needs to press his subjects. Julien, I've always known as a good photographer, but when he came to shoot me for the book, his skill, direction and detail impressed me. As the images have dripped out during the process of making this book, the more impressed I came with Julien's variety and skill. He can shoot a beautiful portrait and from 32 degree water. We are very enthusiastic about this project and Swell Season Surf Radio endorses their Indiegogo efforts. We recommend you do too. Go to their Indiegogo page and support great local projects like this. 

Check it out at:

Tyler Breuer