Tyler Breuer joins Swell Season!


Almost two years ago station manager Sheri Barclay at KPISS.FM asked me what ideas I had for a show for her new internet radio station inside a shipping container in Bushwick. I had been doing various food and arts writing and audio work, which seemed like a natural to continue. But then I thought, "Does the world need another food show? What about a show dedicated to the one thing I'm spending almost all my time chasing: surfing in NYC?" And with that, Swell Season launched. Early on I thought I would run out of people to talk to. Instead the topics and list of characters just kept growing. 

Along the way I met a man who was already way ahead of me exploring surf culture. A man who was also great behind a mic. With a deep seeded love and curiosity of the sport, Tyler Breuer and his SMASH Surf Productions has highlighted and engaged New York surfing and personalities through film fests, design symposiums and erudite take-downs.  He brings a depth of knowledge to the show and desire to dish. I'm excited to take Swell Season to another level and experiment with some of his great ideas. Stay tuned! 

We launch on October 3rd. 


Tyler Breuer