Photo: Julien Roubinet

Photo: Julien Roubinet

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We Sit down and talk to the photographers behind the "Women Shoot Surf" Photo Show that is opening this week (12/7/17) at the June Bar in Bushwhack, Brooklyn. It's an all female show with a unique perspective on surfing. We talk to photographers Andreea Waters, Julia Briere, Liz Magee and Alexandra Uzik about their style of photography, the "Female Gaze" and how that lends itself to a different approach to than the mainstream surf photography. For those aspiring photographers this is a must listen episode. Enjoy...


Matt Warshaw is the humble keeper of The Encyclopedia of Surfing. He has devoted his life to preserving the historical account of surf culture and lore. He grew up as a Z-boy and even finished a respectable 43rd on the World Tour back in the early 80's. He became an editor at Surfer Magazine and wrote tons of books on surfing. He's smart, articulate and very thoughtful. Our conversation wanders from the from philosophical to the hard truths we face as surfers. His life's project, The Encyclopedia of Surfing (EOS), is a gift to surfers around the world. It's a knowledge base that all can draw from and find inspiration. Unfortunately, it can be expensive maintaining such megalith of a website, and Matt has found himself at a crossroads. He needs to raise $30K by the end of December or else the whole site will go away. All that incredible knowledge and content, will just disappear and the surf world will be lesser for it. So, we are asking all of our listeners to go and contribute or better yet, subscribe to the EOS for as little as $3 a month and help keep surf culture rich. You can go to to subscribe. This is definitely one of our most fun interviews and we hope you enjoy and are inspired to support a worthy cause. Enjoy...


Did a blur of bright color flash down an aggressive line as you paddled out? Was that a surfer or a superhero? Odds are it was fashion designer Thaddeus O'Neil in one of his customized surf suits. Thaddeus dresses to surf as a devote worshiper might adorn himself to enter a sacred space. We invited this fascinating man to share his connection with costume and the water. A journey that began with a Bruce Weber shoot at the age of 5 to present day Vogue features and shows at New York Fashion Week. Thaddeus is polite with a good sense of humor. We had a blast chatting with him on this episode. Enjoy... 


Christopher "Dorado" Gaby is as New York as they come. Born and raised in Woodside, Queens, grew up surfing in the Rocks when you would worry whether your car would still be there when you got back. He's a FDNY Captain, did time down at the pit after 9/11, and now does a yearly pilgrimage to G-land.  Not many other surfers can claim the cred as our guest, Dorado.  He's opinionated, smart, thoughtful and by far, one of our most interesting guests. This is a must listen to show for anyone who claims to surf in NY. Enjoy... 


Ice-cream Headaches first came to my attention when I was approached by both Ed Thompson an Julien Roubinet about interviewing and photographing me, Tyler Breuer for their book on NY surfing. At first I thought, "Oh boy... Another NY Surfing project..." It wasn't until after meeting and spending some time with both Ed and Julien that I realized the depth of their project. Ed, is a wonderful writer and interviewer. He really knows what questions to ask and is not intimidated when he needs to press his subjects. Julien, I've always known as a good photographer, but when he came to shoot me for the book, his skill, direction and detail impressed me. As the images have dripped out during the process of making this book, the more impressed I came with Julien's variety and skill. He can shoot a beautiful portrait and from 32 degree water. I had a great opportunity to discuss their story and the stories that make up their book project "Ice Cream Headaches." The book is comprised of in-depth interviews and incredible photography of  a wide cast of characters that make up the NY/NJ Surf scene. The two are currently in the middle of their Indiegogo Fundraiser to help publish the book. The two open up in this interview about the challenges and great time that went into this labor of love. Sit back and enjoy the show.

 - Tyler Breuer

Both Ben and I are very enthusiastic about this project and Swell Season Surf Radio endorses their Indiegogo efforts. We recommend you do too. Go to their Indiegogo page and support great local projects like this. 

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Both Michael Reinhardt & Michael Koloyan grew up surfing the sand banks of Rockaway Beach and are most known for their thriving business, "Locals Surf School." Both are strong goofy footers with with a unique perspective on the evolution of their home town over the years. The two are also notoriously known for their carefree attitude and sense of humor. This episode the two open up about the local scene, rumors, where to get the best slice, and whether Mike K ever dated a student. This and so much more... Give it a listen and enjoy. 


In this Episode, Co-Host Tyler Breuer happened to be in London for the Final evening of the London Surf Film Festival where he sits down and has a conversation with Chris Nelson, Co-Founder of the LSFF and Bruce Sutherland, Founder and Editor of the Stormrider Guide Books. Fascinating conversations on topics from the state of surf film, to the state of the surf industry and much much more... Enjoy the show. 


This Weeks Guests is an all female group from the Rockavilla Crew: Keva Niver Ademuyiwa, Ruth Mamril, Sonny Senthavong, Cecilia Ciamaga and Amy Febinger. On this episode we discuss Who Surf's it better: Kassia Meadow or Sally Fitzgibbon, Why women get the shaft in the surf industry, sexism in the lineup, love and surfing and is it ever ok to date a SUPer? This is and so much more... Give us a listen. Don't forget to like us on Instagram @swellseasonsurf and rate our show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Soundcloud. 


Etan Blatt and Jason Belsky are an unlikely duo. One loves to swim in the water to get the shot, the other is a landlubber who shoots from the sky above with his drone. One is quiet and stoic and the other is charismatic and gregarious. Together, these two create magic with their footage. This weeks show recounts the month of scoring and... not scoring. Both of these men are extremely talented and hard workers who go out of their way to get the shot. The stories they tell are legendary and we get a taste during this episode. Enjoy...

Episode: Heroes & Beauties with Taylor Steele & Richard Phillips

In this episode, we sit down and chat with iconic surf filmmaker Taylor Steele and renowned artist Richard Phillips about their work, and the cross sections between their passion and their work. "Richard Phillips was born in 1962 in Marblehead, Massachusetts. He received his B.F.A. in 1984 from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, and his M.F.A. in 1986 from Yale University of Art, Connecticut. He has an insanely long list of art exhibits to his name that is too long to post here. He's an avid surfer that lives in NYC with a healthy collection of boards,. His current board de jour is a 6'8 Josh Hall Long Fish twin keel set up. 

"Taylor Steele has been involved in the surf film industry for over two decades. He has won awards as both director and producer. His production company, Poor Specimen, has launched the careers of some of surfing’s most influential figures and has played a role in the success of bands such as Blink-182Pennywise, and Jack Johnson, who were introduced in Steele's early movies." - Wikipedia.   Taylor Steele, AKA Shane Barbara, The man that set the soundtrack to surf youths of the 90's and has held dominance in the surf film market since 1992! He was one of the few who had an all access pass to the Momentum Generation for all of films and has continued to evolve as a filmmaker and creative person. 

Upcoming events by Changing Tides Foundation. Give them a look:

Big thanks to Lipped Podcast for their Taylor Steele sample and by Paul Tschinkel with 

Episode: Hurricane Fever - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

After an incredible run of 40 days and 40 nights of surf in New York from multiple hurricanes, we explore some of the causes, consequences and gifts from these powerful storms. Travis Moore is the founder of SASS Global Travel and runs his business from Puerto Rico. We get a first hand account of life after Maria in Puerto Rico with Travis. Dr. Edmund Chang is a leading climate scientist in the US and he breaks down how climate change might affect the frequency of Hurricanes and change surf breaks. Jon Rose is no stranger to danger and has dedicated his life to disaster relief and bringing potable water to those in need. Normally, he arrives after the disaster occurs. This time, he found himself right in the path of Hurricane Maria on the island of St. Croix. We catch up with Jon and hear how the recovery efforts are going. Finishing out the show, we discuss some of the epic surfing that went down over the past month. Enjoy the show... Links to donate and help with Hurricane Relief are here: 

Nunez Sisters Survive Irma & New York Gets The Groundswell

It's an odd thing for surfers to enjoy the bliss of local groundswell while watching from afar the havoc that same storm drops upon another state. This week we hear two sides of Hurricane Irma. Alex and Danielle Nunez call in from a car speakerphone to share their experiences surviving the storm in South Florida where they have been without power and running water for a few days. Later in the show, I give a snap shot of that same storm's reach in New York which inspired any local with a board to use the word 'epic' and 'perfect'.


Episode: Mitch & Ravi of September Surf Cafe and Shaper Studio Montreal

I walked into a cafe in Montreal and discovered a shaping bay in the back. Needing to know more what this was doing here in this city hundreds of miles away from the ocean, I dropped my card off with the barista. A month later September Surf Cafe's partners Mitch Martin and Ravi Handa dropped into the Swell Season studio in Bushwick. We talked about the standing wave in Montreal, launching a cafe next to one of the best restaurants in North America, and surfing Rockaway for the first time.

Photo credit: Logan Mackay for the "The Main"

Episode: Guest Hosts Tyler Breuer and Fynn Sloyen Talk Surf Politics 

In the latest Swell Season Episode, Guest hosted by Tyler Breuer & Fynn Sloyen: -Painters & Dockers: Reminiscing of old surf movie soundtracks. -Chas Smith's Birthday -Beachgrit gets Breitbart/WSL controversy and Derek Rieley quotes Richard Kenvin quoting him. -Gabriel Medina is Fynn's favorite Dark Knight -Instagramer's are the new Surfing Historians preserving surf culture for the masses. - Top Favorite Surf Films of All time